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What are the key marketing dates in October 2022?

30 September 2022

We are now in the full swing of autumn. Comfy jumpers, coats, and boots are coming back out of our wardrobes, and it’s time to talk about the next marketing dates, this time for October. This blog, like the previous months, will cover a number of different dates that create awareness for specific topics throughout the whole month, as well as several dates that only last a day. 

Key Marketing Dates October

We will cover what is happening during these dates and give suggestions on how you could use them to benefit your business's marketing. This could also be a prime opportunity to show off your business’s culture!

Throughout October a number of topics have an awareness created for them throughout the month. 

Breast Cancer Awareness Month 

From research, it has been found that “in 2020, there were 2.3 million women diagnosed with breast cancer and 685 000 deaths globally.” This just highlights how important it is to create awareness and show our support. You can easily do this by wearing pink or selling the pink bows that are known to show support for breast cancer research charities.

Global Diversity Awareness Month

It is important to pay tribute to the broad diversity in the world. We live in a multicultural society, let's embrace it. If you don’t already, start this October! This will allow us to embrace the important values of different cultures, broadening our minds and allowing us to understand other perspectives. This could easily be done by celebrating your employees' cultures for a day or a week, this October.

National Bullying Prevention Awareness Month

Bullying can happen in childhood or adulthood, it can lead to serious mental health issues and even suicide. It is important to create awareness of the importance of acceptance, inclusion, and kindness throughout the world. Within your work environment, there should be a place available for people to speak about if they are experiencing bullying within the workplace. Or even displaying helplines, educating your employees that there are places to go, and help is out there.

As well as creating awareness for a whole month, there are a number of topics that are only celebrated for one day.

International Coffee Day

1st October 2022

I think there are many of you out there that will definitely be celebrating this day! Coffee has been the saviour to many of us on those unwanted early mornings or dragging afternoons. We thank the cup of coffee, but we must remember to thank the farmers, traders, roasters, and baristas that have enabled us to have that cup of coffee. 

Things you could do if you’re a coffee shop:

  • Have a discount on your coffee, or give the money paid for the coffee to a fair trade charity or other charity that helps coffee growers in the less advantaged countries.

Things you could do if you’re a cafe or restaurant shop:

  • Serve a coffee-based dessert/ cake or even alcoholic drink (eg espresso martini).

For other shop owners or managers, you could create a general awareness for the people involved in growing and creating coffee.

Fun Fact: Coffee has been around since 800 A.D.

Hashtags your business could use: 
#nationalcoffeeday #coffee #coffeetime #coffeeshops #coffeegrowers #coffeesuppliers 
Beer and Pizza Day

9th October 2022

This is another great day to celebrate! Especially as this year, the 9th falls on a Sunday. What an amazing way to finish the week. This day has been put in the diary to remind everyone to take a break and indulge. As a society, we have become limited to diets, let's take our hair down together and celebrate this day.

If you aren’t accustomed to a beer or pizza, indulge in something that tickles your fancy. Something you won’t usually have. Let’s just try to remember the good things in life!

History of Beer:

Let’s start with the beloved beverage beer! 

Beer is known to be one of the oldest alcoholic drinks around, it has been an important stepping stone in the history of culinary development. Throughout history, beer was seen to be one of the safer drinks to have, due to water-carrying diseases. 

During the Ancient Egyptian period, beer was included in every part of the food chain, even the slaves got beer. This was due to the calories and protein, helping through a strenuous labour-intensive working day. 

History of Pizza:

Pizza originated from Gaeta, Italy - in 997 AD. However, pizza at that time didn’t have tomato sauce on it straight away, due to the limited amount of tomatoes in Europe. Once the Italians discovered tomatoes and created tomato sauce, the first pizza, as we know them, was made.

What could you do?

As this is a self-care celebration as a business you could dedicate this to your employees. You could plan a beer and pizza evening together, or make it even better and plan a pizza-making evening with your staff. This would also be a prime opportunity for you to get that needed cultural content!

If you’re a shop that sells these ingredients, you could put a special on the products or create a bundle deal! This creates awareness of the day and makes it more accessible for people.

Hashtags your business could use: 
#beer #pizza #beerandpizzaday #selfcare
Make a Difference Day

22nd October 2022

Whether it’s big or small, this is the day for you to make a difference. 

What is ‘National Make a Difference' Day?

This day has been created to help people come together and help people or animals in need. This could be for larger organisations or the smaller more independent ones. 

It has been found that we believe that we don’t have enough power to make a change. However, this couldn’t be any further from the truth. If we all come together there is potential to make a change! And just remember, sometimes the little things can make a massive difference to someone. It doesn’t always have to be an extravagant gesture. 

As a business, you could take advantage of this day and do something special with your team, or something good to reflect the positive attitude your business has:

  • Adopt an animal in a zoo
  • Adopt an endangered animal - this could be your companies mascot 
  • Donate to a local charity/ or plan a charity event for that charity
  • Get your team down to the local food bank, or soup kitchen
Hashtags your business could use: 
#makeadifference #difference #charity #give #givetocharity #gooddeed

Don’t forget that all of your celebrations and awareness activities can be posted on your social media, this will project your business positively towards prospective employees, clients, or even customers.

Hopefully, this blog has been helpful to you and you’ll be joining in on creating awareness and celebrating with us on some of these dates. If you’d like to catch up on other dates you missed last month, so you’re ready for next year, click here. Or if you’d just like to browse our other blogs, head over to our blog page now.