Website Video.

Website Video

Did you know that according to Wyzowl, 83% of video marketers say that video has helped increase the average time their visitors spend on a page? (2022) You don’t want to miss out on this boost!

It’s vital that your website has high-quality videos, it keeps your visitors on your website by breaking up large sections of text. Here at Gather, we create high-quality video content that complements your website, allowing it to excel and have the greatest impact. We can create a range of videos for you depending on your website’s needs, whether that's a showreel showing off your team’s hard work, or an FAQ video, we can capture it all. Our team can shoot this content using our outstanding equipment and then edit it with industry-leading software to ensure our videos exceed your expectations.

How will Gather make your life better?

  • Our creative team knows how to make engaging videos.

  • We’re flexible! Rent out our content studio or let us bring our kit to you!

  • Our videos are multi-use!

  • Our videos show off your brand’s personality and will boost your user engagement.

  • We know what works well.

Not got the knowledge?

It can be hard to know what video works well on a website, never mind trying to film and edit it together. We’re here to help you make the decision and transform your vision into a reality. Our team knows what works well and what doesn’t and can ensure the videos we make benefit your business the most. We understand that you’ve got other tasks to prioritise and we want you to know that your marketing will be in good hands.

Not got the tools?

You can use ours! Top-quality filming equipment can be pricey, and it can be hard to know how to use it properly if you aren’t trained. Either team up with our in-house creatives and rent out our content studio or let us visit you, we’ll bring all of our kit to you! Here at Gather, we also have access to industry-leading software to ensure your videos are edited with precision. Collaborate with us and get the best videos for your website!

Our Website Video Services

  • Video Production - Filming

  • Video Editing Services

Our Clients

Take a look at what some our existing clients have to say.
  • “Gather Social has made it super easy for me to use video in my marketing strategy. They produce incredible high-quality content that can be used for social and my website. It educates my customers, and is an increasing part of my SEO strategy moving forward.”

    - James Soley, Firestoppers

    Here to Help

    Gather Social is here to help you and your business. Enquire today and let our creative team do the creative work for you and you can crack on with everything else on your extensive to-do list, don’t worry, we know what it’s like! Save yourself time and money, partner with us, and see your photography and social media marketing come to life.

    What’s the next step?

    Want to take it a step further? Have you thought about transforming more of your website? Find out about our other website services here.

    Take your marketing strategy to the next level.