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Website Copy.

Website Copy

According to Nectafy, approximately 409 million people view more than 20 billion web pages each month (2022). Do you want these views on your website? We can help you!

Strong website copy catches the attention of your audience, engaging them. It’s important that your website copy is accurate, engaging, and easy to understand, if not your visitors won’t bother reading it, they’ll go and find a competitor. At Gather, we can write SEO-filled website copy that is compelling and accurate, boosting your brand’s awareness. Websites are the core of your digital marketing; visitors will end up on your website after being directed there by your other strategies. You need to ensure that the end result, your web copy is perfect, and we want to help you do this.

How will Gather make your life better?

  • Leave all of the hard work to us!

  • Our writing is both accurate and strong.

  • We are experts at SEO.

  • We have the expertise.

  • Our team can transform your web copy.

Not got the time?

Writing detailed copy can be time-consuming and is probably not at the top of your priority list, you’ve got more important things to focus on! However, let it be one of our priorities! We’ve got SEO-focused templates and the skills to ensure the copy we write is a winner, boosting your traffic and page ranking.

Not got the kit?

If you’ve not written website copy before, it can be overwhelming and confusing. The team at Gather is made up of young creatives with lots of experience working with different clients in different sectors, all focusing on different goals and targets. We know what works well and what doesn’t and our copy will showcase your brand and services to their full potential. Gather can make your website copy successful!

Our Clients

Take a look at what some our existing clients have to say.

“Gather Social took our website copy to the next level. The team are knowledgeable and thorough and their expertise in SEO and Google rankings are unparalleled. Their words not only captivated our audience but also boosted engagement and conversions.” 

- Tammy Butler, Hopkins Solicitors

    Here to Help

    At Gather Social, we want to help you transform your web copy. Our team can write accurate, engaging content, packed with SEO, boosting your visibility in search engines, and increasing your brand awareness and website traffic. This copy will support your other digital marketing strategies and turn more visitors into customers. Effective writing can grab your visitor’s attention and the information can encourage them to learn more, or enquire, based on your needs. This will help you meet longer-term goals and further your business's growth. Here at Gather Social, we truly care about your long-term success and we are here to help you get there!

    What’s the next step?

    Along with compelling website copy, eye-catching images and videos are key to keeping your audience engaged. At Gather, we can help you with a range of website content to ensure your site reaches its full potential. Discover our other website services today.