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Logo and Branding.

Logo and Branding

Did you know that 75% of people recognise a brand by its logo? It’s crucial that you have a strong logo and branding to build your brand awareness!

Are you a business struggling with your logo and branding? Or perhaps you have a business idea that needs some specialist logo and branding work to come to life? At Gather Social, we can work with you to create your business a logo and branding that you are proud of. We aim to create these marketing assets to match your vision; at the end of the day, these will become the identity of your business. Although these things might seem small, their impact is huge. They’ll give your business a professional look, allowing you to build solid relationships with your audience.

How will Gather make your life better?

  • We can create original, engaging branding

  • Our team are creative, each coming from a different creative background

  • We know what works and what doesn’t

  • Our design experts will create multiple logos and designs at every stage so you can choose your favourite

  • Our logos and branding can truly transform your brand identity

Not got the creativity?

It takes creativity to create excellent logos and branding; this can be difficult if this doesn’t come naturally to you. That’s what we’re here for! Our creative team works collaboratively to brainstorm ideas to create outstanding branding materials. We have experience creating logos for a range of clients and businesses, let us use our experience to benefit your organisation.

Not got the time?

Creating a logo and branding is time-consuming. The initial brainstorm to the final product can take a number of weeks, even with our skills and experience; it’s important that these assets turn out perfect! We’re happy to keep going back and forth, making tweaks and changes until there's a product we’re both truly satisfied with. We understand that you’ve got other things to focus on, so let us focus on this!

Our Clients

Take a look at what some our existing clients have to say.
  • I have developed such trust in the team at Gather Social, that I let them get on with my branding. They are the experts, they know where my brand should be and the type of content that should be created.
    - James Soley, Firestoppers

    Here to Help

    Here at Gather, we want to work with you to create a logo and branding that will grab the attention of your audience and make a strong first impression. We’re here to help you lay the foundation of your brand’s identity by creating assets that are memorable, so you’ll stand out from your competitors. We’ll use our creativity and expertise to design logos and branding that not only match your business needs but one that will attract your target audience. Allow us to transform your logo and branding!

    What’s the next step?

    Enquire now to find out how our team can help you! Or do you need some more marketing help? Click here to learn about our other marketing asset services.