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Paid Advertising.

Paid Advertising

The Meta network has a potential advertising audience of over 2.1 billion people.

You’ve got to pay to play!

Paid advertising is the backbone of every successful digital campaign. Your marketing strategy must utilise Meta paid adverts and we would encourage you to be considering Tiktok ads within the next 12 months.

Did you know Gather Social is a Meta Agency Partner too?

How will Gather make your life better?

  • We can save you time and money while we do the work

  • Our social-first strategy means social content is created with Meta ads in mind
  • Open your business to a new world of consumer data
  • Optimise your ad spend so you get the best results for the lowest cost

Not got the time?

Building campaigns within Meta ads can be a time-consuming process, especially when you don’t know where to start. Information and training on Meta ads aren’t easily accessible online, and the courses are long-winded. This is time we understand you may not have.

Not got the creativity?

Learning how to be competent on Meta ads can take time, but at Gather, our team are eager to help you excel in digital marketing and support your business by knowing how to optimise your ad spend. As an agency, we have regular training on ads too, so we can provide the most recent knowledge and expertise to adapt your advertising strategy to succeed.

Our Advertising Services

  • Meta Advertising (Facebook and Instagram)
  • Twitter Ads
  • TikTok Ads

Our Clients

Take a look at what some our existing clients have to say.
  • “Gather Social has been great at boosting our frequency and assisting with engagement and impressions across our social sites.”
    - Emily Simpson, Downtown Stores

    Here to Help

    Gather Social is here to help you make the most of your organic content with Meta ads and paid advertising across your social media. Whether you need support on your existing efforts or would like us to build your campaigns from the ground up, our expert team can help you, build your brand, drive traffic to your website and consequently increase your sales. Social media is ever-changing and developing and because of this, so is the digital advertising world. This is something that you shouldn’t need to worry about. By working with us, you can be reassured that our team is up to date on the recent developments in the digital world and can implement the changes into your ad strategies.

    Our Work

    We have run Facebook Adverts from the very start. Our MD got an email from Facebook 8 years ago offering him the opportunity to take up an intensive training course, and we have never looked back. We have seen all the scandals, navigated elections, and acquisition of Instagram and WhatsApp, as well as, the rebranding of the parent company to Meta.

    Through years of training, we are now a proud business partner of Meta. This gives us exclusive access to training and product features. We have dedicated account support, and can even get Meta on the phone. This allows us to provide a premium advertising service to all our clients, in a space that is a must-have for any business.

    What’s the next step?

    To be successful on social media, you need content and a lot of it! If you need help creating more content, head back to our services to explore the photography, video, and social media content services we can also provide at the agency.

    Our Paid Advertising Services