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Social Media Success for Creative Agencies

Since the inception of the company, we have always had the mantra that every employee is overqualified to just spend days a month scheduling content. This was our managing directors first job when covering his then business partners holiday, and this gave birth to the Gather Platform. Our in house marketing agency developed platform is recognised by Buffer as a partner and leading agency tool. We are here to assist any company looking to reduce scheduling time across their entire client or business portfolio. 

By utilising the Gather Platform you will free up hundreds of man-hours per month from the burden of scheduling content. You will see a natural increase in results as your consistency and frequency improve, and more importantly your creative team has hundreds of hours free up to help grow your business. 

Your team morale will naturally receive a big boost. No creative talent ever woke up and punched the air with delight that today is content scheduling day. Imagine the worst part of your creative team's job's being removed and freeing them up to be more creative for your clients. Leaving them with more time to respond to emails, brainstorm or even research that next killer idea or pitch. 

You might be thinking about hiring, but examining what automating content scheduling could mean for your existing team is incredibly important. Automating content scheduling is an effective way of increasing turnover and profitability without increasing headcount.

"The team at gather social have been amazing, they have helped us grow a brand, they have been supportive, educational and inspiring and like having a personal coach. They get to know your business like true consultants. I would be lost without them. If you want to take your business to the next level. Sam and Jules and his team can do this."

Michelle, Eternal Being

Increase Enquiries

35.38% increase in email enquiries

Increase Enquiries

10% increase in contact form enquiries

Traffic Increase

2400% increase in traffic from Instagram stories

Traffic Increase

200% increase in traffic from Facebook


862K impressions on content locally


128K local people exposed to content

To learn more about marketing creative agencies, download our PDF created with Facebook. 

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