Social Media Success for Corporate Companies

Being responsible for multiple large corporation’s social media comes with the challenge of coordinating different stakeholders to share your content with their network. Understanding the business’s collective reach is critical to success, as is having centralised content management and distribution system. Connecting stakeholders to a centralised system will allow you to get business communications out on time and with greater impact. 

The Gather Platform allows you to connect 100’s if not 1000's of employee’s LinkedIn accounts. Using a centralised system brings a strategic direction to your content. Instead of it being shared a handful of times, you can 100% guarantee critical business updates are shared by all key stakeholder. This ensures maximum reach and impact amongst your target audience. 

Working within your brand guidelines to produce more content is essential. Try and group your content into themes and make sure you visually represent that content in different ways whilst adhering to brand guidelines. This will give your content more variation and open it up to a wider audience. For example, instead of making one piece of content around an announcement make 10. This means you have 10 times as many posts to distribute across your connected account. If you had 100 accounts connected this is the difference between 100 posts and 1000 posts.

Don't be completely fixated on LinkedIn. Understanding that Linkedin is the best contacts book in the universe is essential. What’s more essential is encouraging your Linkedin contacts to visit your website. This will transfer the data from Linkedin into Facebook Pixel which will allow you to make a detailed, mirror audience of your LinkedIn audience. From there you can then target those exact individuals on Facebook and Instagram where they spend way more time. By doing this, you’re using Linkedin to target them personally, then using Facebook and Instagram to educate them, and finally, you’re reengaging with them on Linkedin. 

"After a year we have successfully increased brand awareness across the audiences we were looking to target. Our website traffic and more importantly our enquiries and acquisition of new clients have significantly increased, and all in a very lean budget. 

Highly recommend Sam & his team at Gather Social, they are and will continue to be a key strategic partner for our marketing."

Tammy, Hopkins Solicitors

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Social Media Traffic

479.57% increase in social media traffic

Website Traffic

35% increase in website traffic 

Live Chat Conversions

132% increase in live chat conversions


111,000 impressions from Facebook ads

Organic Search

103% increase in organic search 


56,000 people reached from Facebook ads

To learn more about marketing in the corporate world, download our PDF created with Facebook.

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