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Social Media Success for Estate Agents

Everybody who wishes to own or rent a home will require the use of an estate agent during their lifetime. The secret to success for an estate agent is to blanket market the local area. This is a bit like an old fashioned flyer drop, but straight onto peoples phones. Ultimately this will be brand awareness content sowing the seed to the user, that you’re an estate agent and you are there should they need your service. 

Content creation is relatively straight forward. Use your properties available for rent or sale as your changeable content. Once you have developed some brand awareness content, you are ready to roll. Your brand awareness content may need to be updated quarterly and your properties weekly. 

You will require a fixed amount of budget per month to target users based upon the data. We would recommend targeting by homeownership times, as people who currently own homes in your local area are most likely to be your customer. A similar strategy can be used to target landlords and tenants alike. 

Turn your social media presence into your sales USP. Attract more sales and lettings opportunities with a social media package for each property to give your customer a real premium service. 

"I’ve learned more about social marketing in a couple of hours than I have over the last several months. If you are serious about building your online presence then you need Gather Social!"

Eric, Eric Williamson

Download our PDF to see what we can do for our Estate Agent clients.

Increase Enquiries

35.38% increase in email enquiries

Increase Enquiries

10% increase in contact form enquiries

Traffic Increase

2400% increase in traffic from Instagram stories

Traffic Increase

200% increase in traffic from Facebook


862K impressions on content locally


128K local people exposed to content

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