What’s trending on TikTok this month? - October 2022

14 October 2022

You may be asking yourself: what’s trending on TikTok at the moment? Here at Gather, we put together a monthly round-up of all the trends we’ve seen on the For You page. If you need some new TikTok inspiration then keep reading, because we won’t just tell you the trends but we will explain them and give examples too! 

You've Been a Great Help Today

Using the iconic Charity Shop Sue audio, you can join in on the trend of calling out that person in the office who’s been doing the bare minimum.

Did you plan on doing a full day of work and only manage to post one TikTok? Well, you could use this sound to call out yourself too!

Here’s a funny example we’ve seen from The Go Agency, check it out.

Everything Is Awful

We love this one, it’s very dramatic and can make light of an awful situation you’re in.

Pair this dramatic news anchor sound with text, and share something or the situation you’re in that isn’t going according to plan.

Here’s a great example to inspire your next TikTok!

The Baddest Of Them All

This sound has been making the rounds on TikTok. Doesn’t it make you want to walk the runway!? You could use this tune for your latest day in the life vlog or show off your most recent OOTD.

What’s your drink of choice?

This audio has lots of potential for your business. You ask a question and the answer just gets more and more specific. Whether you use this one for comedy or to promote a product/service, it’s up to you.

Linen bedding business, ‘Piglet in bed’, used this sound cleverly and has gone viral! Check it out here.

I Would Rather Sit On A Hot Grill

A lot of trending TikTok sounds originate from television shows, and this one is no different. This iconic line comes from the popular sitcom, New Girl.

To participate in this trend, all you have to do is lip-sync the dialogue (warning, it’s a fast one), and when you say “wear something off the rack”, you can add text to describe a situation you’d rather avoid. It’s that simple.

Here’s our own version of the trend. Can you tell we love iced coffee?

We hope our TikTok tips help to level up your business’ TikTok strategy! If you’re interested in learning more about how social media can transform your business. Click here to read another blog.

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