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What’s New In Social Media - October 2022

24 October 2022

It’s already October and here at Gather, we’ve got a list of all of the latest social media updates. This month has seen some big changes, with Meta having a new ad feature and TikTok releasing a new mode. Have you noticed any of this month’s changes? Stay tuned for the updates!

Twitter’s Link Spotlight

If you’re lucky enough to live in the US and have a business Twitter account have you noticed the new link spotlight feature? This has been created to drive traffic to certain profiles, in the form of a call to action button that is chosen from one of 8 pre-set prompts, depending on what best suits your needs. However, it can currently only link to certain platforms to limit abuse, will this change in the future?

Insta’s Advertising Suite Update

Instagram has introduced 4 more ad types! Yes, 4! These include exploring, profile view, AI-powered and AR ads. What a good variety! The explore ads are there to make your posts be found in the explore area of Insta, the profile ads make use of your current assets and the AI and AR use advanced technology and effects so your content is as interactive as it can be. Which one will you be trying first?

New Facebook Ads For Reels

Yes, you’ve heard that right, what we’ve all been waiting for is slowly arriving! Facebook has recently announced that they are testing new types of ads that will be for reels on Facebook, with its prototype being a 4 to 10-second clip that will be added onto the end of reels, with it ultimately playing the creator’s reel for a second time once the ad is over. There will be an option to skip these too. They are also doing similar work for carousel posts where there will be a series of ads you can swipe through. How exciting!? Definitely keep an eye out for these!

TikTok Photo Mode

This new format is finally being rolled out after having gone through months of testing, have you noticed it on your FYP? It allows users to create videos that are slide shows of photos, that automatically run with a choice of music in the background. What a refreshing change! Will this platform always stay as video first? The opportunities are endless with it, from cute snaps to memes, telling stories and much more, what approach will you try first?

Twitter’s Hashtags

How many times have you clicked on hashtags on Twitter to find content? Well, that could soon be a thing of the past. Reports are saying that Twitter is currently undergoing tests of removing hashtag links, so you can no longer click on them. Can you believe it? It’s thought to be happening so Twitter can start to monetize people’s audience by making money from certain hashtags that will still be clickable. Do you think this will happen?

That’s it! You’re all up to date for October! Which changes surprised you the most? What feature will you be trying first? For more social media news and information, click here to browse our other blog posts.