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What are the key marketing dates in November 2022?

28 October 2022

It's officially hot chocolate season! Halloween is over so we can now start thinking of Christmas, decorating our homes, getting our woolly jumpers out the back of the cupboards, and reading the next important marketing dates. Within this blog, we will touch on 3 important dates that could help you advertise your business for future graduates and push those last-minute Black Friday deals. But first, let's talk about what you could be celebrating and raising awareness for, for the entire month.

Key Marketing Dates November

Men’s Health Awareness Month

Advertising the importance of mental health has become largely popular, especially in creating awareness of the importance of men talking about their mental health. This is due to a large stigma being made around men having to be strong and not speaking about their feelings. We want to steer away from this! Your company could share posts through your social media in support of this, as well as put helpline numbers in the male bathrooms. In turn, show your employees that you fully support this topic and want to help any employee struggling. 

National Senior Pet Month

This one is for the oldies, for pets 6 years and older. We want to celebrate them! So if you're a dog-friendly office or have the power to make your workplace dog friendly for a day, bring your senior dogs in. As well as this being a good opportunity to spend time with your pets and introduce them to all your work colleagues, this is a perfect time to get culture images for your socials. 

National Career Development Month

Celebrating career development can happen within any business to anyone; clients, employees, and future employees. You could use this day in your favour to further your business by expanding your employee's horizons within your company. You could go into schools and advertise what you do and create awareness of your company's core values of wanting to support your employees in their own career development. To further this point, you could go into universities and advertise your company, as well as future graduate positions or internships available for university students. 

As well as creating awareness for a whole month, several topics are only celebrated for one day.

International Stress Awareness Day 

2nd of November 

We’ve all felt stressed at one time or another, this is usually due to work. To make your employees feel supported about home and work stresses, you could advertise what helplines are available for them. This is important as it can reduce the amount of stress your employees feel and potentially reduce their mental health being affected. 


This awareness day was created back in 2018, however, this followed the creation of the designated stress awareness day created back in 1998. The day aimed to work together to build resilience and reduce stress. 

Main points to think about during this day - 

How can we all help people who face mental health challenges?

How are employers responding to stress and mental health issues?

How do stress management professionals help to alleviate stress?

How are workplace changes such as hybrid working affecting well-being and levels of resilience?

How can those suffering from stress and mental health issues access advice and support?

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International Students Day 

17th of November

International student day is important because it can bring light to the students finding education difficult. Showing students there is a life after education, can reduce the feeling of feeling lost within the stresses of deadlines and exams. As well as this, it is a time to celebrate multiculturalism within classrooms, for more information on this head to the history section.


International Students’ Day was created due to events that happened in Prague, during World War II. During this time, nine students were killed in concentration camps on the 17th of November 1939. This execution was completed without trial. Therefore, this called for creating awareness for multicultural students within classrooms.

The first International Student day was first marked in 1941.

What could you do:

This day can be a time for your business to celebrate its future employees. You could set up an event inviting future university graduates to an online talk about your company if you are likely to have graduate positions available. 

You could simply advertise this awareness day on your story with images of your staff back when they were students, this is a great way to push cultural content onto your socials. 

Another way to celebrate this day is to pay your respects to the nine students that were executed in Prague, in 1939. As well as showing your support for multiculturalism within classrooms and the workplace.

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Black Friday

25th November 

Black Friday is a day that comes around too quickly every year, it’s an opportunity to get some Christmas presents discounted but only for the brave few who want to join the extensive queues. You might be surprised that there is some history behind this day, which might help you understand how Black Friday came about.

History of Black Friday:

The first record of Black Friday in action was during the financial crisis on the 24th of September 1869. This was specifically linked to the crash of the U.S. gold market. However, Black Friday is more commonly linked to people spending money the day after Thanksgiving, during this time, shops were functioning in the “red” meaning they weren’t making any money! Therefore, when people spent their Thanksgiving profits on discounted products, businesses earned in the “black” - which in simple terms means they profited. Leading to the name of Black Friday.

What you can do:

You can easily join all the other businesses in discounting selected stocks within your businesses. If you don’t sell tangible products, you could discount the services you provide. If you do choose to do this, ensure you advertise to your customers making sure you make the most of this day. 

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You may have been aware of some of the days to celebrate and create awareness for this November. However, there are so many more to be celebrated; these are only a select few. If we haven’t mentioned a day that you’ll be celebrating in your workplace, tell us what it is and the date in the comments below, so we can celebrate it too.

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