STRONG by Zumba

12 March 2019

Getting people motivated across the globe with facebook video ads.

How this fitness company recruited potential fitness instructed around the world with facebook video ads, encouraging them to sign up to a training program, encouraging a 3X return on ad spends, 80% of new recruits were a direct reaction to facebooks marketing, encouraging 5X more instructors through facebook than campaign goal.
In June 2017 STRONG by Zumba was born, the perfect blend of fitness and dance, combining high-intensity workout moves with exclusively produced musical tracks. The goal was to recruit potential instructors, figures showed that at least 15% of recruits were coming directly form facebook ads, to sign up for STRONG by Zumba instructor training from around the world. 
Since STRONG by Zumba is revolutionising its more famous parent Zumba, the team wanted to start by creating awareness and building momentum around the initial idea to encourage people to give it a go eventually encouraging fitness instructors to consider taking the training and signing up.
Phase one, the tester video for Facebook and Instagram to entice the audience. When clicked, the ads opened to a lead form. Phase two brand testing this included posting third party articles about STRONG by Zumba, and a mixture of educational videos and promotional videos created to inspire instructors to commit to a training session. Through the testing, the team discovered that videos with text overlays outperformed static images. 
The main demographic targeted by these ads were people with an interest in fitness, as well as those with experience in being a trainer, coach or instructor. By installing Facebook pixel on its website, the company tracked and retargeted people who visited the STRONG by Zumba “Become an Instructor” web page. The team then used that data to build a Custom Audience from the site visitors and the newly acquired STRONG by Zumba instructor list.
It also created a multi-country lookalike audience based on this group so it could recruit instructors around the world. For this type of audience, Facebook finds people similar to the advertiser’s source audience who reside in the countries the company wants to reach. In this case, the Zumba team chose 2 regions (EMEA and APAC), layered on English (to reach an English-speaking audience) and targeted the following countries: Germany, Mexico, Argentina, Spain, Italy, France, UK, Australia, Portugal, Indonesia, India, Denmark and Korea.
By taking a more organic approach in raising brand awareness STRONG by Zumba’s video lead ad campaigns exceeded its goal the June 2017 campaign directly resulted in:

  • 3X return on ad spend

  • 80% of new instructors recruited through Facebook

  • 5X more instructors recruited through Facebook than campaign goal

This blog was originally taken from Facebook, to learn more about Strong by Zumba visit their website.
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