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My First Impressions of the Culture at Gather Social

21 February 2019
Being fresh meat here at Gather I have been thrown in at the deep end, something that may come as a surprise to many. The level of respect and understanding that I’ve been shown has really impressed me. I’ve been immersed in a company of innovative, talented and friendly individuals which together make the tight-knit and high performing marketing team.
The team breakfast which greeted me really helped me to integrate myself into the group early on, and I was ecstatic to learn that my team members were on board with helping me to #livemybestlife.

What attracted me to apply for a job at Gather…

As soon as I saw the job role I knew I wanted to apply. The advert itself stated how the role would be diverse and full of responsibility from day one. The flexibility offered by the role was another key factor, being someone who likes to be stimulated through having a diverse workload I just knew that it was an opportunity I couldn’t pass on!
After being invited to interview I was further impressed by the tasks I was asked to complete beforehand - preparing 10 different social media posts about why I’d be a great fit for the role. I really enjoyed making these and it was a much more fun way to apply to the company - especially compared to the long-winded and draining psychometric tests other companies asked for.
10/10. Would apply again.

Working style

Work is flooding in to Gather at lightning speed and this is reflected in the fast-paced environment at Gather Towers. Despite everyone being busy with their own responsibilities, there is always a collaborative feel around the office. Whenever I’ve needed help to keep on track my teammates have always been more than happy to give me a hand.
This willingness to put out fires as they arise is reflected when dealing with client demands. Instead of endless email back-and-forths with clients who take days reply, Gather uses WhatsApp to liaise with clients resulting in lighting fast turnaround when responding to client demands.
This agility (which can only be compared to Lionel Messi’s quick feet) is a key factor when is determining the explosive growth of the business.

The team of disruptors

Although it may sound cliche to say, what makes Gather unique is the team. Very few agencies are able to boast having a team of millennials which have grown up naturally creating content from such a young age. Although Adidas might have taken the slogan ‘Here To Create’ it can just as easily apply to the team at Gather.
Being employed by Gather is a vote of confidence in my own ability. Everyone in the team is very good at their job, a level that I hope I can get to sooner rather than later.

What I’m most excited about

Aside from honing the basics and settling in more there is a plethora of things that I’m looking forward to experiencing in the coming months. From being entrusted with even more responsibility to creating exciting new content it’s hard to think of something which I’m not looking forward to.
The company is in a period of growth and I’m excited to play my part and offer my own input into where we’re heading.
The good news is that due to the fast growth we’ll be on-boarding new recruits in the not-too-distant future, so watch this space!