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Cardex's WhatsApp success

03 February 2019
Streamlining sales and customer communications with the WhatsApp business app
Cardex Autoelie is a German auto part retailer who used WhatsApp Business app as its primary customer communication tool which lead to a significant increase in orders being placed. Resulting in 90% of sales being made via the app. 

Driving growth

In the city of Wuppertal, Germany, Denis Spiecker and Christian Honeger- friends and business partners, decided to take their passion for restoring, repairing and servicing cars to the next level by opening Cardex Autoteile OHG, a thriving car parts business, in 2014. With the dream of establishing Cardex as the go-to destination for car parts, service and even cleaning.

Smooth ordering and communication 

In order to purchase car parts in Germany, a customer must provide the retailer with the vehicle’s registration details. Co-founder Denis says that this documentation was exchanged typically via email or post, this was often complicated and extremely time-consuming. 
In August 2018, Cardex transitioned to the WhatsApp Business app to streamline this process. As Cardex’s primary customer communication tool, the WhatsApp Business app has driven 15,000 more customers in less than a year. 
The WhatsApp Business app’s labels feature helps Cardex organise orders, and Away messages mean it can respond to customers immediately, even during busy times. This level of customer service has not gone unnoticed.
“With my volume of work, I need to communicate very fast and WhatsApp allows me to optimise my work much better,” explains Lars Wolfertz, a local car workshop owner who orders up to 15 products at a time. Another customer says, “I have chosen Cardex Autoteile because, with their WhatsApp service, all the steps to acquire a piece of a car are much easier.”
Due to the success of the WhatsApp Business app, Cardex now stands out from the competition and its goal of becoming the town’s preferred auto parts and service provider is more achievable than ever before.

faster and better orders

After making the WhatsApp Business app its primary customer communication tool, Cardex Autoteile saw the following results:

  • 90% of sales occur via the WhatsApp Business app

  • more than 15,000 customer requests received within the first nine months of using WhatsApp Business app (August 2018–May 2019)

  • 10 orders received via WhatsApp daily

This blog was originally from Facebook.