Utilising Facebook messenger to boost sales- Isbjörn of Sweden

05 June 2020
Isbjörn managed to boost brand awareness by utilising Facebook. Creating a messenger campaign resulting in 50% fewer returned items and an impressive 95X return on ad spend.

Keeping little adventurers warm

Founded in 2005 by two entrepreneurial mums, Isbjörn of Sweden is a children’s wear brand. Committed to creating sustainable outerwear for the environmentally conscious. The cosy products are sold from Isbjörn’s own web store. 
Isbjörn of Sweden wanted to make the most of its newly launched Messenger experience. The goal was to establish brand awareness among new customers. ultimately driving winterwear sales over the Christmas 2019 period.

Utilising Facebook messenger

Working with digital communications agency Salgado, Isbjörn of Sweden prepared for a successful campaign. Installing the Facebook pixel onto its website and creating custom product catalogues for the season.
The team started building brand awareness by showing brand-focused video ads introducing its Messenger experience. These ads were shown to lookalike audiences as well as relevant interest-based audiences. The ads made it easy for people to start an instant online chat where they could ask for product advice.
Isbjörn of Sweden and Salgado then turned their attention to building conversions. Using insights collected by the Facebook pixel during the awareness phase. Isbjörn showed further dynamic ads to people who had visited its website. These ads then promoted relevant products in a mobile-friendly way.  

The results 

Isbjörn of Sweden’s engaging Messenger experience and Facebook ads helped it attract and connect with new customers around the world. The campaign, which ran from November 2019–January 2020, resulted in:

  • More than 400 customer conversations with the Messenger experience

  • 24% increase in seasonal sales, compared to the same period in the previous year

  • 50% fewer returns, compared to the same period in the previous year

  • 95X return on ad spend

To shop Isbjörn of Sweden visits their website. For more blogs like this checkout Gather Social.
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