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Boosting revenue with socials for Kurt Geiger

25 May 2020

Boosting revenue with socials Kurt Geiger beat its previous year’s Black Friday revenues by 2.3X. By using a customer-focused Facebook and Instagram campaign.

Stepping up web traffic and sales

Kurt Geiger wanted a campaign strategy that would significantly increase website traffic. Boosting revenue over Black Friday as it is a critical time of the year for digital businesses.
Throughout 2019, Kurt Geiger implemented a Facebook and Instagram ad strategy to encourage new customers. This allowed the brand to increase sales by acquiring new customers, and also reduce costs with existing audiences. Kurt Geiger’s 15-day Black Friday 2019 campaign built on the success of this initial strategy and kicked off earlier than other brand campaigns, which gave it bigger impact during this competitive shopping moment and allowed the Facebook algorithm to learn and optimise before Black Friday itself.

Boosting revenue with socials

The campaign started with brand awareness-focused ads, which used the reach objective and were aimed at a broad audience of people in the UK aged 25–65 with an interest in shoes. These people saw attention-grabbing ads in Stories from late October, before most competing brands had started their own Black Friday advertising.
To encourage people to consider the brand, Kurt Geiger optimised its ad for traffic and used the carousel format. Ad creative was tailored to specific audiences that saw the ads. By consistently measuring target audience sizes and monitoring campaign budgets and ad efficiency at each stage, Kurt Geiger could make daily adjustments to ensure the budgets were weighted correctly at any given point in time.

Best-ever Black Friday

Between November–December 2019, Kurt Geiger’s campaign successfully attracted new and existing audiences and drove strong Black Friday sales. What’s more, compared to the same period the previous year, it achieved:

    • 30% higher return on ad spend


    • 2.3X increase in revenue


    • 3.8X increase in web traffic

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