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Renault Turkey- Boosting car sales with Facebook

06 June 2020

Renault Turkey boosting car sales with Facebook using their live streaming feature. Recording its best sales in six months.

Driven to succeed

Renault is one of the largest automotive manufacturers in the world. Its joint venture, Oyak-Renault (Renault Turkey), celebrated its 40th anniversary in the Turkish market in 2019.

Growing car sales

In 2018, the Turkish Lira lost more than 45% of its value against the US dollar, and car sales plummeted by 35%. During this challenging time, Renault wanted to increase sales of its vehicles in Turkey by reaching potential car buyers on Facebook.

Building a campaign with customers

Working in partnership with Facebook Creative Shop and creative agency 4129Grey, Renault decided on a different approach for its next advertising campaign, called #Undecided. Instead of relying solely on a creative agency to come up with the campaign idea, the car brand invited the general public to contribute to the creative process. It did this by hosting a public brainstorming session on Facebook Live where people could make suggestions for the ad design and copy in the comments.
To drum up interest for the session, Renault ran short video ads on Facebook and Instagram encouraging people to attend. More than 230,000 people joined the 40-minute Facebook Live event. While some 13,000 comments streamed in, the creative team applied the most interesting ideas to an ad mockup that was displayed on screens and evolved in real-time.
While people had several suggestions—from displaying Gladiators and dragons to flames (because the car goes so fast)—the design that won featured wolves, a helicopter, a camel, a UFO spaceship and a polar bear with the Renault car in a forest setting. Renault used this image on Facebook and Instagram, as well as in outdoor advertising.

Boosting sales

Renault’s inventive Facebook campaign in Turkey helped it to develop a new relationship with customers. Between November 30–December 5, in challenging economic conditions, the campaign achieved:

    • 9% estimated lift in ad recall


    • 80 million video plays


    • 4.5 million people watched the video to the end

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