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Using social media to generate ROI with AM Immobilier

22 January 2019

Audience Targeting with AM Immobilier

AM Immobilier is a French real estate agent who used Facebook’s Custom and Lookalike Audience targeting tools to generate leads for listed properties, achieving an impressive return on ad spend and a lift in turnover.
The company specialises in selling and renting houses, apartments and commercial facilities, as well as furnished rooms in student residences. Their goal was to promote a specific set of residencies in a certain area and they turned to Facebook to generate as many leads as possible.
AM Immobilier ran a campaign that reached potential buyers by using Facebook’s Custom Audience and the Lookalike Audience tools. Custom Audiences mean that AM Immobilier can find existing customers among people on Facebook, by using data from website traffic or page likes. Lookalike Audiences then help them to find more people that share specific characteristics with these existing customers. Their campaign was targeted toward Investors, Families, people living in the area and also the CSP+ (a prime marketing demographic that includes business leaders, intellectual professionals, craftsmen and those in the trades). These audiences were targeted advert creatives that gave them information regarding the location, price and property details. If they were interested, they could then fill out a contact form to submit for more information.
This campaign ran for 23 days in November–December 2015 and delivered the following great results:

        • 28 qualified leads from Facebook

        • €184 000 in resultant turnover

    • 131X return on ad spend

AM Immobiliers Development Manager, Florence Franc sums up the campaign: “We were completely satisfied with the number of leads that were generated; it totally exceeded our expectations.”
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