Social Success with VM Dans

18 January 2019

Social Success- How this dance studio achieved a 20% increase in members

VM Dans is a well-known dance studio owned by famous Danish dancer Mads Vad. The studio provides dance lessons in a wide range of styles—from Latin to hip hop—to people of all ages. Their ambition is for members to go there and have the best hour of their week. Prior to their Facebook Ads campaign, the studio only advertised by handing out leaflets in the local area. They decided that they wanted a more precise campaign that enabled them to measure results, so they turned to social media marketing. Their goal was to get people to sign up for a free trial and discover the benefits of an hours dancing per week.
Their solution was to create a series of video ads encouraging people to sign up for the free trial. The video ads aimed to reflect the studio's diversity and the many styles of dance that they have on offer. The studio used specific core audience targeting to ensure that the video ads were delivered to those people most likely to sign up for a trial. Core audience targeting means that a business can select specific audiences based on a person's characteristics such as age, VM Dans could show different video ads featuring different dancing styles to the audiences that would most relate to them, therefore reinforcing the message that everyone was welcome at the studio.

The Results

In just over 2 months, between June 5–August 20, 2017, VM Dans achieved:

    • 20% increase in members


    • 445 signups from the campaign


    • Less than DKK 100,- per signup

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