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Door and window company Albatross achieve Facebook success

17 January 2019

Increasing Facebook traffic and Sales

Albatross is a Georgia based company who produce doors, windows and design solutions. They are a leader in their industry and have been producing elegant design solutions for the Georgian market for over 15 years. Albatross already have a strong reputation, however, their strategy aim was to drive traffic to their Facebook Page and increase sales and conversions along the way.
Marketing Manager Nika sums up the process in her own words: “Facebook was the main motivator behind sales calls in the most active period of the year. Thirty-five per cent of our clients said that they had heard about us through Facebook, which makes it almost twice as effective when compared to other types of advertisements. We can say that Facebook is one of the most important communication channels for Albatross in terms of business to consumer (B2C).”
Firstly, Albatross focussed on making its Facebook Page the initial point of contact for clients and potential customers. With the use of Facebook’s Page Manager, Albatross could monitor everything, including data-driven insights, messaging and notifications. On top of this, Albatross’ also used its Facebook page to show off its products to customers.
Alongside this strategy, Albatross also created a custom audience by importing databases of existing customers onto Facebook. This allowed Albatross to reach out to their established clients and also create a Lookalike audience to target adverts too. A Lookalike audience allows Albatross to create an audience with similar qualities to their existing customers, meaning that adverts generate the most successful results.

The results

Within a 5 month period, Albatross achieved the following campaign results:

        • 35% of clients say that they heard about Albatross through Facebook

        • 15–18% of call centre callers say that they got in contact because they saw Facebook ads

    • 23% lift in ad recall

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