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Boosting online awareness and travel sales with Travel Department

10 January 2019

Boosting awareness and ROI to achieve social success

Irish based holiday company, Travel Department has been organising one-of-a-kind getaways complete with expert local guides to over 100 destinations around the world. The company wanted to step away from its traditional advertising channels which included newspaper and radio advertisements and begin using social media to increase online travel sales.
The company aimed to boost awareness by using a 3 phase social media campaign. Phase one used eye-catching video ads showcasing Travel Department’s array of beautiful destinations to describe its expert guidance services. The second phase used a retargeted ads campaign using carousel and slideshow-style images. 10 attention-grabbing images of holiday destinations were shown to people who had interacted with the videos in phase one. The final step of the campaign was to target the ads from phase 1 and 2 to potential holidaymakers who viewed or added holidays into their basket but did not complete the purchase. 
As a result of the campaign the company gained 27x return on ad spend with video advertisements, a 30x return on advertising spend with dynamic ads and slideshow ads, additionally, they gained a 131x return on ad spend from its dynamic ad campaign. Not sure where to start on your own campaign? The Gather Social Team are here to help so that you can concentrate on running your business!

Let us help you with your retargeted ads campaign


Through our high-level Facebook advertising expertise, expert content production, and an innovative in-house content delivery platform, we specialise in sharing your brand message on Social Media to exactly the audience you want to be viewing it, at the most effective times, for the most effective cost, to drive more sales and brand awareness to your business.


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