Refueling sales with SIXT Rent A Car

19 January 2019

SIXT Rent a car targeted social success

SIXT a car rental firm helps customers in over 100 countries with their vehicle renting and leasing needs. A question many companies begin to ask themselves is ‘what is the best way to capture people’s attention while they scroll through their social media feeds?’  SIXT has earned a place in our social success category by finding one way to overcome this issue- Targeted Video Advertising.
SIXT used CRM insights to segment its audience by dividing them into categories of website visitors who were firstly unsure of the type of car to book and secondly, visitors who found the booking process difficult. These 2 groups were then targeted using video advertisements. The videos featured a SIXT sales representative explaining the range of cars available and urging visitors to book. The second video addressed issues for visitors who found the booking process difficult by explaining the booking process. Within just one month these targeted advertisements resulted in a 7X higher comment rate, 10X higher click-through rate than similar campaigns, a 15% increase in conversions and a 27% higher view rate than similar campaigns!  

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