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QIAGEN- Raising brand awareness with Facebook ads

19 January 2019

How QIAGEN raised awareness through social media.

QIAGEN was founded in 1984 and is now a global provider of “Sample to Insight” solutions, which are developed to help thousands of scientists and clinical laboratories around the world in their research institutions as well as healthcare, forensics and pharmaceutical industries to gain valuable insights from the DNA, RNA and proteins. QIAGENs goal was to promote their innovative solutions and raise awareness of their product. Having developed the world’s first complete “Sample to Insight” solution with next-generation sequencing technology, QIAGEN was keen to raise awareness of the product and brand by targeting ads towards laboratories across the world.
Through the use of a carousel advert, QIAGEN built a story of their process and therefore created an attention-grabbing advert that was simple to follow. With the use of Facebook’s comprehensive targeting techniques and audience-building tools—including Custom Audiences and Lookalike Audiences—QIAGEN’s interactive video ads reached new and established audiences across both Facebook and Instagram, this meant that their adverts reached the correct audience and generated genuine results.

Campaign Results

Running from March 27–April 2, 2017, the campaign achieved:

    • Over 523,000 people reached during the campaign


    • Over 207,600 people engaged with the ad


    • Over 5,300 people visited within 1 week

Senior Director of Public Relations & Digital Communications Dr Thomas Theuringer sums the campaign up in his own words: “The Facebook video ad in carousel format gave us the opportunity to showcase one of our flagship products while creating awareness for our Sample to Insight solution within carefully selected target audiences. In this manner, we were able to highlight the GeneReader NGS System’s workflow processes in an interactive way.”

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