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Targeted Marketing to boosting sales with PIK Group

20 January 2019

How one of Russia's largest property developers, boosted sales and website conversion using Facebook.

Here at Gather Social, we understand the value of targeted advertising by using Facebook to help you reach significant audiences of varying characteristics. This allows us to mould our approach around your company and target market. Facebook is quickly becoming an indispensable component of business growth. One company who has earned a place in our success story category is one of Russia’s largest property developers; PIK Group.
PIK Group's aim was to stand out from other developers in a highly competitive market while showcasing its impressive apartment buildings. A visual ads campaign featuring images of the apartments and their specifications were used to promote the properties to customers who had already expressed an interest to similar listings. A second set of ads in a carousel format were shown to the companies website visitors, and if those visitors had only looked at a certain style of the apartment, then only apartments of a similar style were suggested to them.
PIK’s dynamic ads campaign resulted in a 4.2% click-through rate (Versus 1.36% previously!) in addition to this, there was a 2X increase in people who expressed an interest in buying and 86% of people who saw dynamic ads left their contact details.  

Let us help you reach the right audience

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