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Social Success: WeWork

12 September 2019

WeWork was founded in 2010 and is a global network of workspaces, transforming buildings into dynamic workspace environments for creativity, focus and connection. WeWork uses intentional design and advanced technology, to change the way people and companies work. The company provides office space to businesses of all sizes, from a third of the Fortune 500 to grassroots non-profits. 
WeWork’s goal was to boost their online conversions and reach more people seeking office space. Having created the first shared office spaces which have a community-spirit at heart, empowering those who utilise them. WeWork were keen to attract attention to their unique vision and business model across the world.
WeWork had previously focused on running photo lead ad campaigns, but audiences were confused about the ad’s intent so they did not receive the quality leads and results that they were looking for. To better convey its value proposition, WeWork decided to collaborate with Facebook’s Creative Shop to create a more understandable and eye-catching campaign. 
With the use of Facebook’s Creative Shop tool, WeWork added quick motion to the photo ads, turning them into exciting video ads. These ads combined with the use of Facebook’s comprehensive targeting techniques - including Custom Audiences and Lookalike Audiences - allowed them to reach new audiences. This captured new audiences and generated genuine results!
Running from June 17-August 24 2017, the powerful campaign achieved:

    • 88% reduction in cost per desk sold.


    • 10X increase in return on ad spend.


    • 80% reduction in cost per closed lead.


    • 16% increase in lead-to-tour completion ratio.

Senior Brand Manager of WeWork, Corey Brown, sums up the success of the campaign in his own words: “We struggled with poor lead quality and conversions because our unique value proposition was difficult to convey via static ad creative. That changed, though, once we worked with Facebook Creative Shop to add thumb-captivating short-form video ads with strong upfront branding, visuals and text overlays that helped people appreciate our offering.”
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