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Hartwall Raise Awareness With Facebook Ads

20 September 2019

Hartwall was founded in 1952 and became a legendary brand after developing a new drink for the Helenski Olympics, a ready-mixed gin and grapefruit drink in a can. Both easy to serve and ready to drink, it proved an instant hit! The innovation led to a whole new alcoholic drink category which is known as ‘long drinks’. 
Although Hartwall has long dominated Finnish long drink sales, the company were keen to raise awareness and drive sales for a new orange flavoured drink. Their goal was to boost their sales using the power of social media - with Facebook and Instagram ads. Having partnered with creative agency Bob the Robot, Hartwall created a colourful video and photo Facebook ad campaign.
Alongside the creatives, Hartwall used Facebook’s core targeting tool to reach the right people. These ads combined with the use of Facebook’s comprehensive targeting techniques - including Custom Audiences and Lookalike Audiences - allowing them to target the right audiences. 
Importantly, the ad creatives were short and to the point, focused on conveying the brand clearly and immediately. This resulted in a high-impact, and well-targeted campaign that raised significant awareness about its new flavour variants.
Running from April 27-May 4 2019, the powerful campaign reached over a million Finns and achieved:

    • 43-point lift in ad recall.


    • 7-point lift in consideration.


    • 31% lift in sales, year over year.

Marketing Manager of Hartwall, Eeva Ignatius, sums up the success of the campaign in her own words: “Facebook offered us a perfect platform to target our different flavour variants’ advertising very specifically to those people most interested in each taste profile, which really helped us to direct our ads to right people. Our campaign led to a massive up-lift on our sales and market share and we managed to grow the whole category as we stole volume from other categories.
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