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Social Success: Fuze Tea

20 September 2019

Established in 1892, Coca-Cola is arguably the most recognisable brand in the world. Selling more than 2,800 products in over 200 countries, Coca-Cola is certainly the world’s largest beverage manufacturer! However, simply having a leading brand behind a product does not guarantee success. 
Although Coca-Cola is one of the market-leaders in soft drink sales - when the company launched its new iced tea beverage product ‘Fuze Tea’, they faced the challenge of breaking into the highly competitive iced tea market. Their goal was to establish a new brand that had zero awareness. Coca-Cola had a huge, impressive TV campaign planned but as mobile marketing is integral to any successful marketing strategy, needed to develop creatives for mobile platforms.
FuzeTea used creative marketing partner The Source to turn their existing assets into short, punchy videos for Facebook and Instagram. They created videos which were shown in their target audience’s Facebook and Instagram Stories feed. They used Facebook's comprehensive targeting techniques to deliver these visually arresting ads to people aged between 16-44 in France. 
Importantly, the videos were short and eye-catching, focused on conveying the brand message. This resulted in a high-impact, and well-targeted campaign that raised significant awareness about FuzeTea's new flavour variants.
Running from July 20-August 31 2018, the campaign achieved:

    • 6.2 million people reached in France.


    • A 13-point increase in ad reach and attention.


    • 2.6X higher ad recall than Coke’s average from past campaigns

These results highlight the importance of mobile marketing, which delivers measurable results. Digital Senior Manager of Coca-Cola, Alix Prouhet sums up the success of the campaign in her own words: “After this experience, we feel very confident with Facebook and Instagram and we are looking forward to our next campaign. We have reinforced our partnership and we are now fully convinced by the creative advice that we receive from the team.”
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