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Paulaner: Raising A Toast To Social Success

07 October 2019

The global beer market is on the rise. Changing lifestyle, increasing consumption rate of alcoholic drinks, rapid urbanisation, high disposable income, and popularity of beer among the young population are a few factors driving the global beer market.
As a result, it's becoming ever more difficult for beer companies to stand out among the marketing noise. That’s why when Paulaner received a 10% rise in brand awareness it’s a worthwhile read. 
Based in Munich, Paulaner was established all the way back in 1634. However, today it comes across as a very contemporary beer brand. The company has mastered the combination of blending traditional brewing techniques with new speciality beer products - which has benefited its brand image, alongside a humorous social media voice that’s loved by people across the world.
Oktoberfest is a yearly festival celebrated by beer lovers on a global scale. Ahead of the 2018 event, the brand set out to raise brand awareness and put themselves in pole position for the festival.

How Did Paulaner Action The Plan?

A 2-stage campaign was created by Paulaner and marketing agency LOBECO. The initial stage of this would be used to build brand awareness amongst a broad international audience of beer lovers with the hope of them visiting Paulaner’s dedicated Oktoberfest microsite.
Showcasing the journey that a product takes from the manufacturing process through to the final destination is a good way for a brand to seen as honest and transparent in front of their consumers. Paulaner used the initial stage to tell the story of the beer’s journey from the brewing stage to the Oktoberfest event whilst promoting itself as the number one Oktoberfest beer brand. This was supplemented with more ads that featured mobile-friendly verticle video staring German comedian, Harry G.
After the initial phase, the same audience was shown more adverts on social media with the main aim of increasing traffic and enticing people to visit the brand’s Oktoberfest microsite. These were placed in Facebook New Feeds, Instagram Feeds and Instagram Stories. 
The brand awareness and ad recall level increase was measured by a Facebook brand lift study, this allowed Paulaner to see how well the campaign was received by their target audiences. 
The video ad campaign ran between September - October 2018 and resulted in more attention from consumers towards the Paulaner brand, the figures are as follows:

    • 10% lift in brand awareness


    • 10% lift in ad recall


    • 5% lift in message association

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