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Learn how Samsung got a 13.7 % lift in sales through facebook ads

12 October 2019

This leading global smartphone manufacturer dialled up excitement for its new Galaxy S10 in France with Facebook video ads, which lifted online sales by 13.7%.

Chips with everything


With assembly plants and sales networks in 80 countries, Samsung Electronics is the world’s largest manufacturer of consumer electronics and semiconductors by revenue. It is also the world’s biggest seller of mobile phones and smartphones, and the Galaxy S range is its flagship model, with each new iteration keenly awaited by customers and technology fans.

The Goal


Upselling the Galaxy S10


Samsung wanted to build excitement around the launch of its new Galaxy S10 in France with a campaign in three distinct phases: pre-reveal, pre-launch and launch.

The solution 


A slow burn for a hot product


The Facebook campaign for the French launch of Samsung’s front runner Galaxy S10 smartphone was a close collaboration between Samsung, its creative agency Leo Burnett and media agency Starcom, and Facebook Creative Shop. The global campaign video assets were adapted to create impactful, mobile-first creative using square as well as vertical formats. The global creative was also given a local spin to tailor it to the French market and its typical behaviours.
The campaign, which ran across multiple digital channels, was conducted in three phases.

Phase 1: The Tease


Short-form video ads were targeted to a tech-savvy audience of French consumers aged 18–49 in the early stages. Making sure to announce the brand new Galaxy S10 was in the works but holding back on the details to entice the audience. This phase was created to build anticipation and excitement around the product.

Phase 2: The Big Reveal


After several weeks of anticipation, the Galaxy S10 was revealed, with the early focus being on driving sales. Video ads were integral in order to invite viewers to be among the first to own the new bit f tech by reserving the product online. The video ads were targeted to customers who might be considering a phone upgrade, as well as lookalike audiences of purchasers. 

Phase 3: Launch Day


At launch, Samsung used all Facebook ad formats, including Instant Experience, to show off the product features and increase awareness. To reach the largest audience, Samsung used automatic placements with reach and frequency buying across Facebook and Instagram Stories.
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