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Facebook video ads: Intu’s success story

10 September 2019

Christmas really did come early this year for Intu, as the success of their November - December 2018 campaign is revealed. Levels of engagement were improved significantly as they reached over 6.7 million people and saw a 2x increase in website visits compared to previous years.   

What is Intu’s story?

Home to many of the nation's favourite retailers and popular shopping destinations, it’s no surprise that Intu attracts over 400 million customer visits to its centres every year. Through the offering of an exclusive online platform intu is able to cater for retailers’ multichannel ambitions, further allowing for an online environment in which shopping and content take place. 

Intu’s goal

As Intu continues to welcome more and more fashion retailers and popular restaurants into its busy surroundings, the brand sought to boost brand awareness to attract new customers in the build-up to the 2018 festive period.    

Intu’s solution

With help from agency Blue 449, Intu implemented a study which aimed to build brand awareness and affinity online. In editing Intu’s Christmas TV advert, Blue 449 created a series of video ads which would then be shared across the companies social media feed, including Facebook and Instagram Stories, and measured through the use of insights. Essentially, the video ads would be viewed by audiences within a 10-mile radius of Intu’s 14 shopping centre catchment areas, using auction buying to widen the reach of its audience. 
Once viewed by its target audience, viewers would be led to a short advertisement highlighting the seasonal events taking place at their local intu destination with the hope that they would click through to their local centre website to find out more. 
The success of this 2-month study was monitored by performance indicators including ad recall, favourability and intent to take action, with Facebook insights revealing that the minimal campaigns cost per engagement.  
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