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Cutting Through The Marketing Noise

26 July 2019

Life is never going to be easy for an e-commerce business, given the amount of choice that consumers have in today’s online world its not hard to see why lots of businesses struggle to stand out against the marketing noise.
Fortunately, it’s not all doom and gloom as effective use of social media can give them the edge over their competition to reach out and connect with their customers, this way e-commerce businesses can remain on the top of their potential customer’s subconscious mind for when they’re ready to search and make a purchase decision.

The results are clear.

Being a successful e-commerce business on social media isn't always about making the sale on the spot, it's about repeatedly making an appearance but then being there ready to sell when the consumer’s search is on. 
The benefit of this strategy was evident in an e-commerce client that we recently worked with as their Facebook adverts were seen by 264K people (up by 624%) within the 90 day period, which lead to an 85% increase in the number of site conversions.
Our client was also able to see major increases in traffic within the same 90 period, as shown below:

    • Social Growth - 456%


    • Organic Growth - 90%


    • Direct Growth - 56%


    • New Site Visitors Increase - 75%  

This, combined with a 405% (over 1,300) increase in new fans and a 459% (over 6,200) increase in page and posts engagement meant that our client was impressed with the results that we have been able to create for them in this short time period. 

Interested In Targeted Advertising?

Through our high-level targeted Facebook advertising expertise, expert content production, and an innovative in-house content delivery platform, we specialise in sharing your brand message on Social Media to exactly the audience you want to be viewing it, at the most effective times, for the most effective cost, to drive more sales and brand awareness to your business.
Find out more about how Gather Social can support you by getting in contact with us today. You can drop us an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or give us a call on 0115 8374750.
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