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07 February 2020

Nekki created an action-packed video ad campaign winning over gamers and boosting game developers return on ad spend by 80%, thanks to Facebook’s campaign budget optimisation feature.

Ready, set, GO!

Nekki has been developing action and strategy games since 2002. Today, it is best known for its Shadow Fight series, which invites players to become a fighting warrior in the world of the Shadows. Shadow Fight 3 is its most ambitious edition ever and features 3D graphics, multiple personalisation options and a thrilling plot. Nekki’s goal was to win new players for Shadow Fight 3 while exploring new ways to improve return on ad spend in its campaigns.

Using campaign budget optimisation

Nekki had successfully worked with Facebook Marketing Partner and gaming app user acquisition specialists ROASUP for over a year on its digital advertising. For this 12-day video ad campaign, they collaborated to showcase Shadow Fight 3’s exciting gameplay across all Facebook ad placements and invite people to download the app and start playing.
To find the most valuable players around the world, the team targeted ads to a broad worldwide audience and used Facebook’s minimum return on ad spend control function, which allows advertisers to keep return on ad spend over a certain level per optimisation event, such as conversions. ROASUP also proposed switching on the campaign budget optimisation tool to further improve return on ad spend. This optimisation tool takes into account campaign bidding budget and bid strategy and allows Facebook to automatically find the best results across ad sets for the duration of the campaign.

The Victory 

Nekki’s fast-paced August 2019 campaign to promote Shadow Fight 3 earned it a new generation of players at a lower cost per acquisition than previous campaigns:

    • 80% increase in return on ad spend


    • 30% decrease in cost per unique purchase


    • 50% more installs converted to paying players

This blog was originally taken from Facebook