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How Gather social increased revenue by 43% for Hopkins solicitors

21 February 2020

Read how Gather Social optimized Facebook ads to generate a 51% increase in web enquiries for Nottinghamshire solicitors Hopkins. 
As the competitive atmosphere is so fierce in the legal field, it is essential that you develop a multi-faceted approach to marketing. 
Google organic search and paid search immediately come to mind, and, indeed, these can be effective methods by which to increase visibility, traffic, and conversions. But don’t neglect the world’s largest social media network. Facebook. 
While Google search advertising may seem tempting as there is a more clear intent for example when people search for a specific keyword such as solicitors. However, with Facebook, you can’t assume intent. Your ads are displayed to an audience who fit your demographic while they may not be actively searching for a solicitor Facebook is a channel in which you can educate your audience. For example, if they are unsure of their rights you can capture a customer.  
Facebook continues to be the reigning champ of social media sites, more than just a meeting place facebook has progressed into a business market through interaction with customers and self-promotion. 
At Gather Social, we decided to utilise this to advertise Hopkins Solicitors based in the Nottinghamshire area using Facebook’s newsfeed, mobile, messenger, video and stories. This allowed us to reach a larger more diverse demographic wherever they may be. We also used Instagram feed, stories, discover audience, network and website news to generate customers. As well of course as organic search.
Since the beginning of 2019, we focused on a campaign called #TrustHopkins its worked incredibly well in creating momentum and increasing reach. When done right, using hashtags in social media can be fundamental to generating exposure and audience engagement. ... Hashtags are an integral part of any social media marketing strategy. They function as a way of labelling your content and help to make that content discoverable to users. Before the campaign, Hopkins said that they didn’t utilize their social platforms- 
“We started with nothing, no active social accounts and coming from a traditional face-to-face professional services business our staff weren’t engaged with social either. “ Tammy Marketing Manager 
In just three years we were able to:

    • Increase the website traffic by 35% from 31K to 42K annual visits,


    • Grow website enquiries up to 51% from 1,542 to 2,326 annually,


    • Boost web calls up to 67% from 12K to 20K annually, 


    • Amplify revenue up to 43% from £3.9M to £5.7M annually.


Sam and his team at Gather Social have been a great partner for implementing a social media strategy. We started with nothing, no active social accounts and coming from a traditional face-to-face professional services business our staff weren’t engaged with social either. 


Gather came in, helped create a strategy for communication channels, messages and images. Their software spent the next few months learning what worked and what didn’t. 


After a year we have successfully increased brand awareness across the audiences we were looking to target. Our website traffic and more importantly our enquiries and acquisition of new clients have significantly increased, and all in a very lean budget. 


Highly recommend Sam & his team at Gather Social, they are and will continue to be a key strategic partner for our marketing.”


- Tammy Marketing Manager 

If you are a local business and you are interested in this please check out our website.