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06 February 2020
The Swedish cider brand enjoyed a 5.2X return on ad spend, thanks to an eye-catching video ad campaign on Facebook.

The ultimate in cider

Rekorderlig is a fruit cider first brewed in Sweden in 1996 using spring water from Vimmerby. Made from the purest Swedish spring water, this is a unique flavour combination. Serve over ice with mint leaves or strawberries and a wedge of lime for a fresh, zesty experience. 4% ABV. The brand is now part of the global company Molson Coors, which owns and operates breweries across the UK. Rekorderlig is still made in Sweden.

Increasing sales and awareness

Rekorderlig wanted to promote its premium Botanicals and core range, and also measure the effectiveness of Facebook as a media channel to generate in-store sales. At the same time, it was looking to generate buzz for its Rekorder-land concept and pop-up multi-sensory bar in London.

Vivid video you can almost taste

Rekorderlig decided to create a campaign to capture attention with striking visuals, introduce the Rekorder-land creative concept and, most importantly, showcase the full Botanicals and core range in a way that was tailored to Facebook.
To achieve maximum exposure for the campaign among a cider category audience aged 18–44, Rekorderlig’s media buyer Zenith/Performics used Facebook’s reach and frequency buying system. This ensured a massive part of the target audience saw the campaign at a controlled frequency to influence purchase intent.
The campaign used vertical video to make the most of the available screen space in Facebook and Instagram News Feed, and Instagram Stories. The videos were created in partnership with creative agency Havas London.
The videos introduced the Rekorder-land concept—a visual representation of the ethos behind the “Beautifully Swedish” brand—inspired by Swedish heritage, style and the natural beauty of the country.
Rekorder-land mixes different concepts: the spirit of collaboration, fusing of ideas, modern Scandinavian aesthetic and design, and a steadfast commitment to the craft. It was brought to life through vivid videos—created entirely in CGI—which showed abstract depictions of fruit and botanical flavours against a backdrop of crisp landscapes and shimmering soundscapes.
From flowing rivers and cascading waterfalls of rhubarb, lemon and mint, to a giant, peach-like orb surrounded by clouds of basil as it submerges into an icy sea, the videos also represented the fusion of flavours within each of the Botanicals range.
The Dunnhumby sales impact study was used to measure the incremental in-store sales generated by this campaign.

Refreshingly impressive

Rekorderlig’s visually arresting Facebook campaign helped establish its new Botanicals range of ciders in the UK and attracted many new customers to the brand. Measured by a Dunnhumby sales impact study, the campaign achieved the following between May 27–June 30, 2019:

  • 5.2X return on ad spend

  • 28% increase in sales of Rekorderlig products in households exposed to the campaign

  • 97% of sales lift driven by customers who had not purchased Rekorderlig in the previous 52 weeks

  • 17 million people reached by the campaign