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Building A Better Marketing Strategy

19 July 2019

When one of the UK’s largest builders’ merchants approached us, their social media effectiveness was stagnating with very little to no growth between periods. This was limiting their potential growth rate as our initial analysis showed that sessions were down 13%, transactions down by 15% and therefore revenue was down by 17%. 
In the 3 months following, we drastically improved their online presence. This was reflected in the reports compiled for the company as sessions were up 77%, social traffic up by 382%, conversions up by 13% and transactions were up by 103%. Most importantly, this resulted in a 130% increase in revenue in just 3 months.
No Brainer
A 30-second advertising slot on a mainstream TV channel in the UK will set you back around £30,000. We think it’s mad that companies are willing to pay that much when we showed that they can reach the same if not more amount of customers for a much lower cost, as our client’s facebook posts reached over 2 million people whilst their facebook page had over 2.5m post impressions. 
Cost difference aside, social media advertising also allows businesses to be more effective with their budget as it ensures that their marketing efforts are being seen by the right people with customer audiences.
Our client saw growth across all social media’s, as their Instagram and Linkedin company pages also saw rapid growth in 3 months.
By posting on social media, there was a dramatic increase in people searching for our client on Google and going directly to the website. This allows the website to capture the user's data and remarket to them further down to the customer purchase journey, showing that improvements on social media directly influences their organic search results and therefore the traffic towards the website.
Our client is impressed with the results we have been able to create for them in this short time period, and has since doubled their marketing budget. If you’d like to see what we can do for your business, please contact us today to find out how we can help.
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