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BoomTowns Booming success.

16 July 2019
Find out how this sales and marketing software company designed a solution alongside  Facebook’s Marketing API to help its real estate client gain more website traffic and increase their return on ad spend by nearly 11X.

  • - 11X return on ad spend

  • - 52% of leads engaged in 2-way communication with an agent

  • - 82% of leads provided at least one form of valid contact information

BoomTown is a real estate sales and marketing software company operating in the US and Canada. Its aim is to build software packages to grow with your business, the company itself helps teams and brokerages, like Omaha’s Elite Real Estate Group, close more deals through its software and services, such as paid lead generation.
BoomTown wanted people who are searching for homes in West Omaha to visit, register and browse listings on Omaha’s Elite Real Estate Group’s website, and ultimately buy a property from the brokerage.
Due to the number of clients opting to advertise on Facebook, Boomtown developed a suite of tools using facebooks API to maximize automation, performance and reporting. Facebook advertising allows them to advertise to a larger demographic. Using this technique Omaha’s Elite Real Estate Group has managed to close sales, but in some instances, its sales cycle reduced from 12–18 months to just 6 months. - Dotty Bell, Digital Marketing Team Manager, BoomTown. 
The team placed a Facebook pixel on, which was optimized for conversions. BoomTown’s in-house solution allowed the team to select the landing page, images, copy, display URL and call-to-action button for the ads, and then use Facebook’s Marketing API (application programming interface) to add these to Ads Manager.
The ads showcased photos of different listings and used several copy variations. A “Shop Now” call-to-action button clicked through to the real estate company’s landing page, where people could browse properties for sale in West Omaha. 
In order to measure the success of the campaign, BoomTown tracked the number of registrations and the average cost of each. This identified a registration as a “quality lead” if the contact information given was valid, and if they then engaged in two-way communication with am an agent which then, as a result, ended in a sale.