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Why Use Stories For Your Marketing Campaigns?

28 October 2019

The use of Stories on Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram has changed the way we communicate on social media. Its been the single most impactful addition to social media platforms since it burst into the mainstream scene over a decade ago. 
It has quickly become a common way for lots of us to share information with our friends and family. So much so that Stories are growing at a rate of 15x faster than News Feed sharing, which indicates how quickly its been picked up by users since its introduction to Facebook in 2017. 
This has caused marketers around the world to take advantage of this opportunity by using this popular platform to push content to their potential customers. As a result, Stories has become a huge part of many companies marketing strategies and is often used in combination with adverts placed in the News Feed to have an even greater impact.
By using News Feed placements alongside Stories, brands can increase their marketing efficiency and target a wider range of people. This can help the campaign’s performance as the additional use of the Stories platform means that more of the Facebook ads budget can be allocated across different placements, therefore giving it more opportunity for it to be seen. 
Companies can take this one step further by creating their content specifically for it to be seen on mobiles. Designing the content for the 9:16 ratio makes it easier for their viewers to digest it and interpret the brand message in good time. The benefit of this can be seen in the Tresemme Poland brand, as they saw a boost in brand awareness of 16 points - more than campaigns that were in the News Feed alone. 

What Are The Practical Take-aways?

The first thing is to make sure that you’re using Facebook stories alongside your current feed campaigns. This is because many companies are focused too much on News Feed placements that they don’t consider the major advantages that Stories can provide for them. Once the groundwork is put in place, you can start looking at the Liquidity feature which can help campaign budget flow to the most valuable opportunities on the Facebook app platform. However, on a fundamental level, it’s important to create enticing adverts that are optimised for mobile as this is how most of your customers are going to see them.
At Gather Social, we’re experts in helping companies boost their brand awareness and drive traffic to their website through social media advertising. If you would like any guidance on this, get touch with us today!