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Chupi: Success With Instagram Ads

28 October 2019

Annual sale events are a great way for consumers to bag themselves a bargain for themselves or their loved ones, the most notable of these is the Black Friday sale. This started in the US but made its way over the UK at some point during the last two decades. Together with Cyber Monday, they collectively generate around £7 billion in sales a year, and so it’s clear why businesses want to make the most of customer’s increased willingness to spend more money.
In order to do this, a business would need to build up brand awareness prior to the event to drive more sales when the deals become active. This was the goal for Chupi, a multi-award-winning Irish jewellery brand, as they successfully used Instagram Stories and Instagram Shopping to promote their modern high-quality pieces of jewellery to customers looking to purchase a meaningful gift.

The Campaign

The campaign took place in November 2018, it lasted for a week in the run-up to the Black Friday sale and was aimed at females aged between 25-45. This was followed up with dynamic ads that were shown to these people from Black Friday through to Cyber Monday. These adverts featured products that they’d viewed previously but hadn’t proceeded with the final purchase.
Having access to more data about your customers can help you to target the right customers with relevant adverts. This can be seen in the case of Chupi’s campaign, as they collected emails on Instagram and Facebook through an email marketing platform by enticing customers to sign up so that they could receive offers for the upcoming Black Friday sale. The list was used to reach these interested customers with more adverts across their Instagram feed, Instagram Stories and Facebook Messenger.
There was a continuous theme running across the brand’s website, adverts and email contact which helped customers to recognise and associate the content they saw with the Chupi brand. This content was designed to be optimised for the platform of which it was being delivered on, for example, the videos Instagram Stories were especially made in a particular way for vertical viewing. 
Furthermore, little to no marketing budget was wasted as these adverts were made with the objective of driving conversions which meant that they were primarily shown to people who were more likely to make an online purchase rather people that weren’t at all interested.
The campaign was a success as the brand was able to connect with new audiences in Ireland and drive huge amount of traffic to their website which resulted in more conversions. This is reflected in the results below:

    • 25% increase in conversions, compared to 2017


    • 10X return on ad spend


    • 2.5% unique click-through rate


    • 250,000 people reached in Ireland

These are huge numbers but they're not impossible to achieve. With the right strategy and effective implementation, you can see impressive results for your business as well. At Gather Social, we've helped numerous clients boost their social media presence and more drive traffic to their website. Contact us today to how we can help you!