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Using stories to create winning ads with Peter Hahn 

19 June 2020

Peter Hahn utilized Facebook and Instagram stories to create winning ads and connect to new customers at a 55% lower cost per order.  Using a split test to identify the best creative approaches for ads on Facebook and Instagram Stories.

Feel-good fashion

PETER HAHN  is one of the leading European multichannel retailers of high-quality fashion. Their target audience tends to be affluent women over the age of 55. Building on its history, PETER HAHN has established itself as a natural fibre expert.  

Reaching a new generation of customers

PETER HAHN wanted to expand its audience, in particular slightly younger consumers. To win over new and slightly younger customers, PETER HAHN needed to connect with audiences at an emotional level and convince people to explore the brand further. The business decided to focus on engaging storytelling formats. Expanding into video ads and ads on Facebook and Instagram Stories. 
To establish the most effective kinds of ad creative for Stories, PETER HAHN asked Facebook Marketing Partner and mobile video ad specialists Shuttlerock to help it design and run a split test in the German market. With the help of Facebook’s MobileWorks programme, it developed ad creative that used best practices for mobile. PETER HAHN used a lookalike audience based in the top 1% of existing customers from the past 180 days to reach the most relevant new customers in Germany. The ads, which were optimised for conversions, invited people to click through to explore the collection further.

Create winning ads

Using split testing, PETER HAHN engaged new audiences and identified winning ad creative. During the four-week campaign, which ran between November–December 2019, it found that the ads featuring images, text and music far outperformed the other creative variants:

    • 55% lower cost per order with best-performing ad creative


    • 98% higher return on ad spend with best-performing ad creative


    • 18% higher click-through rate with best-performing ad creative

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