Driving more signups with Facebook for HomeMatching

19 June 2020

HomeMatching the Dutch property platform utilised Facebook to create a campaign using automated ad tools. Driving more than 21,000 signups at a fraction of the cost of previous campaigns.

A compelling conversion campaign

HomeMatching collaborated with Digital Marketing agency PauwR to improve its previous campaign conversion rates. On PauwR Digital Marketing’s recommendation, HomeMatching ran a single campaign, rather than working through the traditional awareness, consideration and action phases. 
Over one year, HomeMatching ran photo ads with single images and in a carousel format. Using the conversion objective, the team targeted the campaign too broad audiences and interest-based audiences in the Netherlands, as well as Custom Audiences of people who had engaged with previous ads and lookalike audiences based on them. In a follow-up phase, people who visited the HomeMatching website also saw retargeted ads that encouraged them to sign up.
PauwR Digital Marketing used different Facebook tools and features to help HomeMatching optimise campaign performance. For instance, automatic placements helped identify and prioritise the placements that resulted in the most conversions across Facebook, Instagram, Audience Network and Messenger. The team also used campaign budget optimisation to set the budget at a campaign level, allowing the best-performing ad set (the most conversions at the lowest price) to get the most budget.

Driving more signups

With its bold change of strategy, HomeMatching experienced a massive increase in registrations and created a successful blueprint for future campaigns. Between March 2019 and February 2020, it achieved:

    • 2X increase in user base


    • More than 21,000 registrations


    • 208X increase in registrations, compared to the previous period


    • 95% lower cost per acquisition, compared to the previous period

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