The success of Playtika With Facebook campaign

01 May 2020

The Israeli mobile gaming company Playtika boosted sales with facebook campaign budget optimization and manual bidding. Resulting in a 21X lift in incremental purchases—and at a lower cost per incremental purchase. This is after using manual, rather than automatic, bidding with Facebook’s campaign budget optimisation tool.

Always an adventure

Playtika is a leading mobile games company with over 16 casual games played by 30 million people worldwide. It uses cutting-edge analytics, live-ops and artificial intelligence to deliver customised and constantly evolving gaming experiences.

Driving app installs and purchases

Playtika wanted to find the best way of increasing in-app purchases for its title Solitaire Grand Harvest, while keeping its cost per acquisition as low as possible. They wanted to do this to entice the audience and as a result boost purchases.

Testing different strategies

Playtika was interested in testing campaign budget optimisation to promote its title Solitaire Grand Harvest. Campaign budget optimisation is a Facebook feature that automatically distributes campaign budget across a campaign's ad sets. This means Facebook automatically and continuously finds the best available opportunities for results across ad sets and distributes the campaign budget in real-time to achieve those results.
Playtika wanted to understand whether automatic or manual bidding was more effective in driving in-app purchases for the lowest cost. To find out, Playtika tested the two strategies using the multi-cell conversion lift tool. For this test, it opened two campaigns that used campaign budget optimisation. Each ran for more than 10 days.
Both campaigns were identical in their setup: each campaign containing three ad sets, and each of these three ad sets contained three mobile app ads. These pre-existing ad sets were the company’s top-performing ads on Facebook. Each was a short video of around 16 seconds, with bold imagery highlighting the specific mobile game in question.
The ad sets targeted worldwide to people 18 years and older and used automatic placements. The only difference between the campaigns was the bidding method: lowest cost with a bid cap (automatic bid) for the first campaign, and lowest cost without a bid cap (manual bid of $1,500) for the second campaign.

The scorecard 

The multi-cell conversion lift results showed that Playtika boosted app installs and in-app purchases with its effective manual bid campaign budget optimisation campaign. Running from August 22–September 11, 2019, the campaign achieved:

    • 21X lift in incremental purchases


    • 16X lift in incremental sales


    • 21X decrease in cost per incremental purchase


    • 16X increase in incremental return on ad spend

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