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Customer service with Orange

24 April 2020
Telecommunications service provider Orange utilised WhatsApp API to keep in touch with there customers with 24/7 customer service serving a staggering 650,000 people within 10 months.

Increasing Customer service

French mobile communication company Orange Group is one of the largest telco providers in the world. Providing services for mobile, landline and internet! With nearly 300 million customers worldwide Orange's aim was to improve its customer service. Providing customers with a channel that they could use to contact the company 24/7. 

Automatic response

WhatsApp is among the most popular messaging apps in Spain, so Orange Spain wanted to offer its customers the opportunity to reach the company through a popular app. The company used WhatsApp Business API into its suite of customer communication with the help of technology provider LivePerson.
Customers could easily access Orange WhatsApp services by calling its customer number. During the call, Orange ensured to ask if they wished to continue with their question via WhatsApp.
Orange used virtual assistant Djingo throughout the conversation to offer solutions in response to customers’ questions. For more complex issues customer service agents could enter the WhatsApp conversation without affecting their experience.

Reaching thousands with WhatsApp

By adding the WhatsApp Business API, Orange Spain can provide 24/7 customer service to customers. More than 400 agents now support the WhatsApp channel from contact centres all around Spain. WhatsApp quickly became the number one service among Orange customers! This achieved the following results over a 10 month period:

  • More than 1.5 million WhatsApp conversations 

  • 650,000 customers served via WhatsApp 

  • 80% of customers recommend WhatsApp 

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