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How did Aire Ancient Baths boost online sales with Facebook ads?

07 May 2020

Boost online sales with Facebook, increasing return on ad spend in Spain. Utilising Facebook ads and automatic placements. 
AIRE spaces are temples dedicated to the relaxation of body and mind in which time does not exist. Inspired by the tradition of baths from ancient Roman, Greek and Ottoman civilizations. The AIRE Experience always takes place in restored historical buildings in the centre of cities.

Boosting sales with Facebook

AIRE Ancient Baths wanted to drive customers to there website. Encouraging customers to book or to gift experience by purchasing either a physical or virtual gift box. To do this they teamed up with Facebook Marketing Partner Apache Digital. They decided to run conversion campaigns in Spain and the US, aiming to achieve strong sales at low cost.
The team started by creating several audience segments to test out during the campaign. These included lookalike audiences, website Custom Audiences and Instagram posts.
Over the 10-month campaign period, these audiences saw carousels and video ads that evoked the atmosphere of AIRE Ancient Baths and encouraged people to book their visit or explore the gift box options online. People who visited the website and did not make a purchase then saw dynamic ads featuring the product they had browsed, encouraging them to complete their transaction.
Facebook’s automatic placements option was used during the campaign, which meant that people saw the ads in the place where they were most likely to take action, helping AIRE Ancient Baths to run a cost-effective campaign. Apache Digital also tracked ad set performance continuously to identify stronger-performing audiences and creative so it could make adjustments when certain ads performed less well.

The success

The combination of automatic placements, inspiring ad creative and meticulous audience segmentation helped AIRE Ancient Baths find and convert customers at a low cost. Between November 2018–August 2019, the campaign achieved:

    • 3X more online sales in the US


    • 80% decrease in cost per sale in Spain


    • 4.5X higher return on ad spend in Spain, compared to the previous year

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