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Smallable - Combining Facebook Pixel and Dynamic Ads

21 September 2019

Finding stylish clothes, furniture and toys for children can be a nightmare for parents. That’s why Smallable was set up by Cécile Roederer to help people find these items all in one place. Ten years on, Smallable has 2 concept stores located in Paris, alongside a booming website that sells these products to customers in more than 200 countries.
Despite this rapid growth, Smallable wanted to scale up their business operations by driving even more website sales from across Europe, Asia, the Middle East and the US.
Margins are tight in the retail industry, so just like many e-commerce businesses, Smallable wanted to run their ads in the most efficient and scalable way possible. Therefore, the decision was made to implement the Facebook pixel and then put it to work in a worldwide campaign.
If you attended our own recent social media marketing concerfernce you’d have heard of the many benefits that the Facebook Pixel can provide. It helps advertisers in many ways - such as optimising ad delivery to people who are more likely to interact with the brand and by creating custom audiences from website visitors. 
Once the pixel was in place, Smallable then devised a plan to target their potential customers. The campaigns for planned differently for 5 key regions: France, the rest of Europe, Asia, the Middle East and the US. Smallable used the pixel to create lookalike audiences for each regional campaign based on the existing customers in that region, focusing on women aged 30-50.
The first phase of the regional campaigns was intended to reach out and raise awareness. This involved showing ads to active and inactive customers, email subscribers and lookalike audiences, both in Facebook News Feeds and on Instagram.
These people that interacted with the brand were then retargeted to with dynamic ads that showed people the products they were interested in. The ads showed Smallable’s product range with a carousel, collection and single image formats. This has supplemented with the ad for the Stories which was specially adapted for vertical viewing.
Smallable were also able to take advantage of features like catalogue overrides, which allowed them to adapt the price, currency, product title and destination URL to whoever was viewing the ads, wherever they were.
The use of a Facebook Pixel and dynamic ads helped Smallable to see fantastic results in each target region during May 2019:

    • 67X return on ad spend across all campaigns


    • 124X return on ad spend with dynamic ads

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