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Read how Findomestic got 5.5 million Facebook ad views

06 September 2019
Findomestic the Italian bank raised awareness of its new bank account offer and lifted ad recall by 24 points raising brand awareness with the help of Facebook in-stream video ads.

Responsible credit

Findomestic is an Italian financial institution and part of the international group BNP Paribas. Established in 1984, the bank promotes the responsible use of credit.
Introducing a new bank account
Findomestic bank wanted to raise awareness about a new account offer by highlighting its main benefits in order to entice new customers to join the bank.

Encouraging higher video completion rates

Facebook’s in-stream video ads that appear during videos people are watching on Facebook typically have longer view times and higher completion rates as it pauses the content people are watching and they know the ad will be followed by the rest of the video. People are also more likely to leave the sound turned on so they interact with the ad more.
Recognising this, Findomestic partnered with TWBA and Facebook Creative Shop to develop 15-second in-stream video ads. By making them only 15 seconds it increases the chance that people would watch them to the end, Findomestic targeted the ads to people between the ages of 25–44 who had an interest in Italy’s banking sector. 

Mission accomplished

Findomestic raised significant awareness about its new banking product by using Facebook’s in-stream video ads. People watched them for an average of 13 seconds, and an impressive 80% of viewers watched until the end. Running from September 9–28, 2019, the campaign achieved the following; 

  • 24-point lift in ad recall

  • 6.2-point lift in standard brand awareness

  • 7.5-point lift in unaided brand awareness

  • 5.5 million completed video views

These impressive stats show just how effective video Facebook ads are compared to other advertising such as TV ads. For information on Findomestic bank visit their website. This blog was originally taken from Facebook