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Generating excitement with X-cite

16 August 2019

Winning in-app purchases with Facebook dynamic ads, when this multi-brand electronics retailer promoted its app and web store with a series of awareness and remarketing campaigns on Facebook, it reported a 42% increase in annual sales made through its app.

X-cite is the Gulf region’s largest electronics retailer, bringing together over 300 major brands in its stores, on its website and through its mobile app. The initial goal for X-cite was to motivate people in Saudi Arabia to download its app and to make purchases, either through the app or the website.
Facebook and Instagram have become an essential part of X-Cite’s overall marketing approach Creating high-energy campaigns making it easy to precisely reach the company’s target audiences. X-cite created ongoing awareness campaigns using the carousel and collection ad formats, which brought together attention-grabbing video with product images to encourage people to visit the website and install the X-cite shopping app. X-cite also utilised Instagram stories to capture the attention and boost app installs and sales through the website and app.
Having installed the Facebook pixel on its website to measure events like “page views”, “add to cart” and “purchase”, X-cite was then able to show more precisely targeted ads to people, based on actions they had taken. For instance, X-cite used dynamic ads to display products that people had previously browsed or added to their cart on the website to encourage them to complete their purchase.
X-cite also created lookalike audiences based on people who had downloaded the app or made purchases, so that it could show ads to similar kinds of people who were likely to take the same action. Using exclusions to remove recent customers and avoid audience overlap helped keep the campaigns cost-effective.
Between October 2017–October 2018, X-cite’s Facebook and Instagram campaigns have helped the brand reach more than 2 million people and earn strong sales:

  • 42% more in-app purchases, compared to the previous year

  • 15% more website purchases, compared to the previous year

  • 2.1X return on ad spend

This blog was originally taken from Facebook. To learn more about X-cite visit their website.