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Scanmarker: Winning Worldwide Sales With Facebook Ads

24 September 2019
Scanmarker was founded in 2010 and is the brand behind an innovative digital highlighter which allows people to scan and transfer text directly from the page to a range of computer programs. When Scanmarker launched their new product the Scanmarker Air, they aimed to identify the most effective ways of reaching prospective customers and driving sales. 
Although Scanmarker has developed an innovative product and gained an established audience - they needed to build awareness of their wireless model the Scanmarker Air amongst students, academics and office workers. Their goal was to achieve a 4X return on ad spend for the campaign.
Scanmarker planned to run dual campaigns over 3 months - one to look for potential customers and drive traffic to the website, and another to reach people who have already visited the website to drive sales. Facebook's comprehensive targeting techniques allowed Scanmarker to segment audiences into groups such as teachers, students, business professionals and researchers. Scanmarker also created lookalike audiences - people who are similar to existing customers.  
Importantly, Scanmarker developed different creatives, a method that we use at Gather Social. This allowed them to note which were performing best and to adapt the campaign strategy accordingly. This resulted in a high-impact, and well-targeted campaign. Alongside their prospective campaign, they ran a retargeting campaign, focused on targeting people who had already visited the website. After visiting the website, Scanmarker targeted them with ads that offered a time-limited discount. 
During the campaigns, Scanmarker monitored ad trends and performance, using the results to improve campaign results. They noticed that although the ads were targeted to a younger audience, the majority of purchases were made by people aged 45 and over. As a result, they were able to adapt the creatives to resonate better with younger audiences.
Running from October-December 2017, the campaign achieved:

  • 12.9X average return on ad spends for the campaign.

  • 8.6X increase in conversions, compared to the previous year.

  • 3X higher return on ad spend than the goal.

Ran Bar-Salom, COO of sums up the success of the campaign in his own words: “We used different ads formats to test which worked best for telling the brand story, illustrating what the product does and showing the problems it can solve. Instant Experience was something new that we tried and it brought amazing results.”
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