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Social Success: Ylopo

27 September 2019

Ylopo is a fully-automated digital marketing platform for real estate agents. The agency focuses on bringing its technology to its real estate clients, allowing them to easily create and manage their own digital marketing campaigns. If you’re wondering what “Ylopo” means, it is the last 5 words of Monopoly spelt backwards, symbolising how they’re ‘turning the ultimate game of real estate on its head’. 
Ylopo created a goal, to generate high-quality prospective home buyers for its client, a high-performing real estate agent in New Jersey. Ylopo had previously run dynamic ads for real estate for its New Jersey client, as well as lead ads featuring several photos in a carousel format. Both performed well, so they jumped on board when Facebook provided an updated solution to pair dynamic ads for real estate with lead ads.
Lead ads deliver higher-quality contact information by pre-filling details from the information people have already shared with Facebook, such as name, email address and phone number whereas dynamic ads for real estate show people home listings based on homes they might be interested in. 
To create the dynamic ads for the real estate portion of the ad combination, Ylopo uploaded its client’s multiple listing service (MLS) catalogue of homes on Ad Manager and installed the Facebook pixel on the realtor’s website. Using data gathered from the pixel, Ylopo showed homebuyers on the realtor’s website home listings which almost matched or were similar to what they had previously looked at on the site. Placing the photo ads in the carousel format allowed the realtor to show multiple homes in one ad. 
The ads also included a “Learn More” button and when the prospective homebuyer clicked the button, the pre-filled lead form appeared. If the prospective buyer submitted the information, the realtor received a high-quality lead to follow up on, including information about what kind of home and location the customer was looking for.
The campaign ran in March 2018 and achieved:

    • 7.6X return on ad spend.


    • 24% lower cost per lead then lead ads alone.


    • 43% lower cost per lead compared to leads from other display and paid search channels.

Howard Tager, Co-founder and CEO of Ylopo said: “When it comes to buying or selling a home—by far the most significant financial commitment most consumers will make in their lifetimes,—people need to work with someone they trust. Facebook has given us a fantastic way to acquire, then engage consumers through the entire purchase lifecycle in an unprecedented way!”
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