Reaching new audiences with OPPO

02 October 2020
OPPO based in China is redefining smartphones, reaching new audiences with assistance from Facebook Actionable Insights attracting 10 million people in Egypt alone.

Redefining technology

Since establishing their company in 2004 they have expanded their global footprint to over 40 countries and regions. With more than 40,000 employees working on technological innovation to create a smarter and better life for people across the world. OPPO is dedicated to enhance the lives of more than 300 million people worldwide and create a global empire.

Reaching new audiences

OPPO decided they wanted to work with Facebooks Actionable insights to establish if this data would assist in refining its current targeting strategy. Boosting ad recall and favourability. Partnering with Hylink Digital Solutions one of Chinas biggest digital agencies they began working Facebook Actionable Insights into their campaigns.
This allowed OPPO to identify potential audiences better and create a centralised campaign towards their Eygyption demographic. Actionable and accessible insights from users in Egypt allowed OPPO to target customers who were looking to upgrade, and potential customers looking to sign up. This resulted in reaching new audiences inspiring an increase in sales.

Brand lift

In order to identify if this strategy would work with their existing strategy, OPPO ran a brand lift study. This resulted in an increase in ad recall and favourability, OPPO has since applied this method of Actional Insights into all their campaigns. 

The results 

OPPO managed to reach a wide range of new potential customers, running from June to July 2020 the campaign achieved:

  • 10.2 million people reached

  • 9.1-point lift in ad recall

  • 1.3-point lift in brand favorability among people who saw the ad

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