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Reaching international audiences with Under Armour

25 September 2020

Reaching international audiences with Facebook’s cross-border ad solutions.

Under Armour, decided to utilise Facebooks cross-border tool to produce ads so a wide range of audiences in different languages and currencies. Under Armour is a global sportswear brand founded in 1996 Washington D.C United States. Their main clientele is gym savvy millennials attracted to the unique stay dry technology of their sportswear.

The concept 

Under Armour European middle east Africa division wanted to boost their European sales by figuring out a way to streamline the buying process. In turn, making its marketing budget more effectively. 

Reaching international audiences

Under Armour partnered with to create a campaign that could run across multiple divisions with as little maintenance as possible. They ultimately decided to apply the cross-border catalogue tool. This tool adapts the catalogue format to adapt to whatever language is necessary. Improving their marketing ads across Europe. This means that Facebook is able to deliver the correct ads to the correct audience in the preferred language whilst storing information as to what works best where. 
The cross-border catalogue tool doesn’t just allow Under Armour to produce multiple campaigns in different languages across Europe it also proved to be an effective and time-conscious way of reaching new audiences. By saving time Under Armour are then able to invest more time and money into regions where this marketing tool performed better than expected. 


This campaign ran from August 2019 to May 2020 and produced some interesting results. In just ten months Under Armour were able to consolidate their marketing strategy reducing its number of campaigns by 4.5% They also produced a staggering 35% increase in conversion rates and a 35% decrease in cost per sale. They also achieved a 2X increase in return on investment, making this a successful and lucrative campaign. 
This blog was adapted from Facebook. Visit Under Armours website and shop their full collection. If you are interested in creating a targeted Facebook campaign for your business get in contact now and arrange a FREE no-obligation consultation with a member of our team.